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Meditation CD for Children

Tim and Elaine

The Power Of Thought" is a beautiful CD created by Susan Swift and Dylan Kay. It contains 10 meditations which have been created for children to follow at school or at home. They can enable children to feel calm; enhance concentration; ignite creativity; encourage self awareness and raise self-esteem. This CD is available for £10 (UK pounds) plus postage and packing. Please email us for details here

First Catch Your Husband by Sarah Bridge

First Catch Your Husband by Sarah Bridge

This is the lovely story of Sarah’s quest to find love. The fun part of this is that I am part of the book. In Chapter 27 Sarah recounts how she came to see me at The Emsworth Show in 2011 and had a reading. She has changed my name to Tim Bagshaw, but I promise it is me! As you might guess the reading was all about looking for “A tall dark handsome stranger for her”. You will have to read the book to see if the reading came true!

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