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  • Is your win rate as high as it could be?
  • Is your market share as high as you would like?
  • Do you feel you are wasting resources chasing business you don’t win and people who either won’t pay or are slow to pay?
  • When you are considering a deal would you like to know what the winning price will be and what could influence things in your favour?
  • Are you making any major investments in property, equipment or people? Wouldn’t it be good to get confirmation it’s the right thing at the right time and if not then should you abandon or delay that idea ?
  • Just how accurate are your business forecasts? Had any surprises in the last few years?
You saw restoration work in a big country estate coming up and sure enough it did” …..W.Sussex Landscape Gardening business

“I was pleasantly surprised by how accurate your work forecasts were for us, the timings were spot on, and of course seem even more clear with hindsight” ..
International Broadband Consultants based in Ireland

“Overall, as predicted by you, it has been a mixed but good year. My business got off the ground almost immediately and I have had full books all year” …
Corporate Driver Training based in Norfolk

I can help you with all of these and more through my unique blend of business skills, divination and NLP techniques.

I have 28 years business experience working for IBM and AT&T, the world’s largest computer and IT network companies. For the last 10 of those years I was a pre-sales specialist balancing Customer and Sales requirements against the company’s ability to deliver. Outside of my day job I pursued an interest in divination which led to my becoming a professional Tarot Reader in 1996 and Licensed NLP Practitioner in 1999. NLP stands for Neuro-linguistic Programming and is all about helping people to make changes in their life.

Combining my unique blend of skills and talents with my in-depth understanding of the corporate world enables me to help you make positive changes in your business. You will be able to make it even more effective and profitable.

I can look at any aspect of your business and through divination give unbiased advice and guidance not only on what to do (or what not to do), but how, including timescales, people aspects and other pertinent details that will be individual to each situation and company.

Think about the possibilities…. knowing where to target your precious resources; knowing which potential clients to court; which suppliers to avoid; what potential delays and complications lie ahead on any particular course of action you choose to take.

If you are recruiting then I can assist with the
vetting process of new hires so that you only spend time interviewing the right people for your company. Those with the right skills, the right attitude and future potential in your business.

This is powerful stuff and the beauty of it for both of us is that I don’t need to be privy to your commercial secrets.
A few days consultancy a month, a quarter or on an ad hoc basis will be all you need to make a measurable difference to your business and potentially spectacular results.

An example of a report (anonymous of course) regarding three property investment opportunities where all I was given was A, B or C was

A) The cards are generally positive when I initially look at this as if you are keen on this opportunity. I am shown that this is on the market because of some sort of failure in the last 3 to 4 months which means the vendor probably wants a quick sale. Look more deeply into the situation and you will uncover some reasons to reduce the price by what looks 15%. This should be a win-win as the vendor was prepared to go to 20%. If you push for the 20% I feel you will not close the deal though, so be content with 15% if you choose to go ahead with this one. The future cards indicate you would keep this for 3 years and sell due to further expansion. The cards show that it would be profitable and a good investment.

B) Do not touch this one, the cards are poor and indicate financial loss. There is a professional person here who already knows something that is important but not yet being revealed to you. It feels like a surveyor and you will recognise him as he has a military bearing. He won’t openly tell you the information as you haven’t paid for it if that makes sense to you. Suggest if you are still interested that you commission him to do a survey for you, that way you will have the information he is unhappy about and he can legitimately give it to you. The future cards are all poor with a conclusion card of financial loss and unfulfilled expectations. If having read this you still feel you would like to pursue it then please come back and I will do further work to see what the problem areas are and whether you can mitigate any or all of them.

C) This one looks the most interesting in terms of challenge and potential. I sense an unfinished project here as if the vendor has been unable to complete some ambitious plans. In money terms this shows as a bargain although it needs more money adding to it and could take 18 months to 2 years to fully realise it’s potential. The only difficulty I can see here is to do with local authorities giving their permission for a change of some kind. You are being shown that you might have to apply or appeal twice to get the result that you want, the timescale on this is between 5 and 8 months and it appears to be over the winter period. If you are prepared for this sort of timescale and the additional work involved then this is the best of the three opportunities.
Success Rate
I judge my success rate on the number of clients who come back (repeat business), new clients who are referred to me plus any testimonials. My current track record over the last five years is just over 71% success rate. I also pay attention to any negative feedback and follow up to understand the root causes and see whether it was misinterpretation on my part. I am happy to report that this is very rare and is less than half of one percent of all transactions.
So how does it work?
I need a connection (usually remote through email or on the phone) with you or your nominated representative who knows all about the subject you wish me to provide advice on. I work with whatever you give me from a simple code word or number through to detailed information and specific questions. I should point out that I don’t need to read complete RFPs (Request For Purchase) or balance sheets to give you answers and as you will be paying for my time it saves me effort and you money if the information is brief.

The important thing is that the person I am working with understands the situation in as much detail as you have it, as I work psychically through them. I will sign any non-disclosure documentation you require and can confirm complete confidentiality at my end. Any information can be returned or destroyed after each transaction as required.

For each transaction I will return to you in an agreed timeframe and medium the information you need to help you make an informed decision. My emphasis is on the quality of the information rather that the prettiness or cleverness of the report format.
What does it cost?
Charges vary depending on what you want me to do. For instance checking on potential interview candidates would be an hourly rate depending on how many are on your list. Complex situations that require multiple readings to establish all the relevant angles will be charged per half day. Clients who require regular work, for example to prepare for a monthly investment review meeting will get a discount for block booking my time.

The nature of my work means that I need to ensure payment before I release the information. We can work out suitable details to fit with your company standards. Any travelling or agency expenses (some companies prefer to pay via agencies they already have purchase order agreements with) are additional to the daily charge.
Then get in touch! I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

My email is timbrooks@apricotsunset.com

Tel: 07859 922048

All enquiries are treated as confidential.
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