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Frequent questions about Tarot Reading answered by a tarot card reader

Tim Brooks, Tarot Reader
  1. Do I need your permission before reading your tarot cards?

    My answer is always YES.

    I feel tarot card readings are very personal to the client and wouldn't consider doing a tarot reading for someone without them asking.
  2. What if a client asks about someone else during a tarot reading?

    As a tarot reader I see other people through the client - the tarot cards show me what they are doing in relation to the client. This works very well for people close to the client.
  3. What information do I need to do a tarot reading for you?

    I just need your request - no samples of hair, handwriting, photos or date of birth, although some tarot readers ask for this.
    Your request allows me to tap into the 'Akashic Records' and the tarot cards show me your path.
  4. Does having a tarot card reading cause effects ?

    Most certainly.

    I think of a tarot reading as showing you the road signs ahead on your path - you can make informed decisions about whether to take the path the tarot cards indicate. If you want a different path, the tarot reading will show changes you can make and the alternatives.

    You cause the effects though - the tarot cards don't.
  5. What happens if you don't follow advice given in a tarot reading?

    No worries. The tarot reader gives guidance not orders!

    Tarot card readings show you one or more paths and if you choose not to take them the worst that will happen is some or all of the events shown by the tarot reader not coming true. You can always return for another tarot reading.
  6. Do I tell bad news as well as good in a tarot reading?

    Usually the answer is yes.

    However, sometimes it is not appropriate - for instance on my live phone-in radio show it was not always appropriate to give the listeners all that I saw in the tarot cards because radio is not a private medium.

    All Tarot readers have their own codes of conduct but I believe if information comes up in a private tarot card reading then the client needs that guidance.
  7. How long between tarot card readings do I recommend?

    This is very personal and individual.

    My full tarot card readings last 12 months and short tarot readings depend on the questions. That said, some people like monthly short tarot readings and I personally read my own tarot cards before every client reading, to get in touch with my tarot cards.

    The best gauge is simple to have a tarot reading when you feel like it.
  8. Do I use magic or clairvoyance?

    Magic - no, although I don't know all the details of how tarot cards work, so it might be, depending on what you believe magic is?

    Clairvoyance, perhaps a little. I certainly don't claim to be a platform medium, but sometimes it feels that the intuition and hunches are working overtime and you'd be amazed at some of the stories the tarot cards show me. I think all tarot readers are gifted.
  9. Tim Brooks reading Tarot Cards

    Do I use crystals In A tarot reading?

    I use a range of crystals both to help me as a tarot reader and in everyday life.

    I'm convinced they help me focus and increase the energies when I am working. I use clear quartz points for tarot reading and healing, a quartz pendulum for dowsing and many other types of crystals around the house, work and in my pockets for various purposes.
  10. Do you need faith or religion for tarot card reading to work?

    Not at all, in fact the more skeptical the better!

    Question everything, tarot readers expect it. All we ask is that you keep an open mind and watch what happens, it might just change your life, it did mine and I became a tarot card reader!
  11. How long does a tarot card reading take?

    A quick question during a tarot reading can take a couple of minutes. My radio show listeners got about 5 minutes each and Psychic Fayre tarot readers take anything from 10 to 30 minutes. Private tarot readings take me about 80 minutes and Tarot Readings as advertised on my website take one to two hours depending on the questions and how complex the answers turn out to be.
  12. Do I use reverse tarot cards and are they always bad?

    YES I use them as I find they add extra depth to the tarot reading.

    NO they aren't always bad signs. Reverse tarot cards often indicate depth of feeling or how long a situation has been around for or will go on for. No tarot cards are actually bad in all circumstances.

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